The Early Childhood Center, located at 100 Damascus Dr., welcomes children ages infants through three years of age. Our caring staff members love children! Our new nursery building built in 2014, which replaced the English Memorial Nursery, is able to accommodate more children, is larger, and has more updated equipment and furnishings than the old building.

We encourage parents to use the nursery so that everyone can benefit from worship.

The nursery is open 15 minutes before and after each service. It is equipped with a fenced playground and full indoor facilities equipped with age-appropriate toys and play items.

We encourage parents and grandparents to volunteer their time in the nursery to help supplement the regular staff.



Daily: 9:00 am Bible Study
Daily: 10:30 am
Daily: 7:00 pm


1707 Grand River Dr
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0074

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