ERC Kids!

This summer we are going to celebrate the most amazing reason to party: the good news of Jesus!  Our mornings will be filled with fun, laughter and the word of God as well celebrate the goodness of God through worship, small groups, crafts and games.  We will explore why Jesus is a reason to party and why and how we can invite others to celebrate with us.  The evening program will feature the incredible Jody Marvin of Jest Kidding who will use “gospel magic” to share and emphasize the goodness of God.

We will be needing volunteers to help with crafts, games, bible verses and evening program supervision.  These volunteer opportunities can range from 30 minutes once to an hour every day.

Please spend some time in prayer on how you can share your talents and be a part of helping our kids celebrate and share the goodness of our Lord and Savior. Questions, call or text at Holly Workman at (616) 550-7038 or email

visit: to register your child in ERC Kids.


*If your child is entering kindergarten or younger, please check out our Nursery and Pre-K programs.  Registration is in person, during Campmeeting at the English Memorial Early Childhood Center.

*If your child has completed 6th through 11th grade please see our ERC Youth Program (see their program page for registration details).

 Children’s Program Schedule:

Morning Service

8:45-9am Registration

*first Saturday and Sunday only

9-9:30am Large group

*Sunday programming begins @ 10:30am

9:30-10am Small group
10-10:15am Bible Verses
10:15-10:45am Crafts
10:45-11:10am Games
11:10-11:50am Music/Closing/ indoor Games

Evening Service

7-7:30 Kids begin at the tabernacle with parents then walk to the children’s center
7:30-8:15 Jest Kidding with Jody Marvin
8:15-8:30 Worship music and prayer  *We will walk kids back to the tabernacle*

There is no fee for this program.  Any children can participate, whether for a day, or for all eight days.  Parents may drop their child(ren) off at 9:55 am, and pick them back up at noon each day.  Whether you are a member of the camp, or a resident from town, your children are welcome to join our program!


Daily: 9:00 am Bible Study
Daily: 10:30 am
Daily: 7:00 pm


1707 Grand River Dr
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827-0074

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