ERC Youth Packing List

What to Bring

  • Your completed Emergency/Health Form, Registration Form, and a signed Youth
  • Covenant.
  • Money
    • ○ Registration fee
    • ○ Dorm fee (for those staying in the dorms)
    • ○ Meal fee (for those planning on eating in the cafeteria)
    • ○ A little spending money
    • * The snack shop has ice cream, candy, snacks and beverages available. If we go off campus you also might want to purchase a snack. $30 should be plenty.
  • Medications – these will be administered by the Medical Officer and kept at the Medical Station.
  • Clothes
    • Mostly casual, but a few nice items for Tabernacle on Sunday;
    • Appropriate swimwear;
    • Jacket and/or rain gear;
    • At least one sweatshirt or sweater
    • * Remember, you must wear footwear at all times. We walk everywhere, so a pair of tennis shoes is advisable. Please make sure you read the dress code in our Youth Guidelines.
    • *Please note, there are not laundry facilities available on the campgrounds.
  • Bedding – if you are staying in the dorms
    • Please bring either a sleeping bag or twin sheets and blankets along with your pillow. There is no air conditioning or heat in the dorms.
  • Personal towels, washcloths, and a beach towel.
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Bible, paper, pens and/or pencils
  • Musical instrument (optional)
  • Fishing rods (optional)
  • Bicycles (optional)
  • Things you might need for the Talent Show

What not to bring

  • Delicate clothing you have to be careful with
  • Expensive items such as electronic equipment
  • Dangerous, or inappropriate items (refer to guidelines)
  • Cell phones (refer to guidelines)

If you have any questions about this list or any other issue, please e-mail: LilyAnn Matchett (

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